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#TBT The Seiko SKX031 - An Unheralded and economical Classic DiverJust after you thought you knew anything that Seiko made, mindless browsing usually reveals just one more model through the deep catalog. This became the specific situation I stumbled upon myself within a few years when I'd been in the course of getting the lineage of Seiko divers . I believed I'd uncovered everything when today's #TBT subject appeared using a forum and surprised me. In the long run, and we'll discuss it, there is a good reason for not seeing the watch beforehand, but I knew I needed it. Let's take a short look at some very modern vintage together with the Seiko SKX031.Seiko Makes generating a Watch for EveryoneWe've discussed it repeatedly, but it's clear that Seiko produces a watch for everyone. Specifically, they've created a dive watch for everyone. With water resistances from roughly 70 meters nearly 1000 meters, the sporadic snorkeler up throughout the professional diver will get something from Seiko. In my opinion, I was concentrating on everything mechanical and diving/sports-related. For the low side, you will see articles where I discuss a number of the 70-meter vintage sport divers with the brand. Since then, we've written about all kinds of other dive pieces in Seiko's history. Things i somehow missed, though, until relatively recently was the Seiko SKX031 100-meter diver.The Seiko SKX031 has been around since 1996Born in 1996 with all the introduction from the 7S26 movement (the state run serial on the case back is 7S26-0040), the Seiko SKX031 was introduced as a lighter choice as opposed to legendary SKX007. In comparison to the icon, the 031 traded upon some key aspects (for example a 100-meter water resistance versus the 007's 200-meters) nevertheless it oddly traded on others. Consider it as the light diver, however it is the one which has some relatively high-end features - specifically when you consider what Seiko replaced it with in 2008.Submariner LooksThe Seiko SKX031 immediately strikes one as a Submariner clone - think of it as the "Seiko Submariner". With its un-Seiko like crown at 3: tag heuer discount watches 00, versus the customary 4:00, along with a case design which could be charged with aping the important Swiss brand, the nickname is nearly deserved. With that being said, the final case design has the bezel insert is "hashed" with the first A quarter-hour are about that the SKX031 explains to the considerably more expensive diver. An instant go through the lugs, for instance, will show some pretty large chamfers and a set of calipers will explain that, despite a Sub-like case size of 40mm, the lug width will be wider at 22mm.The Seiko SKX031 Sports an Upmarket DialDial-wise, the Seiko SKX031 strangely moves upmarket in comparison to the SKX007 using its applied logo and indices. There's a lot to enjoy while using dial because, unlike about the SKX007, hands and indices at least come better matching. Plus, the indices, stylistically, remind me of something amongst a standard Seiko plus the Sub. They're simple but bring a higher-class browse the dial whilst comparing to the 007. The hour and minutes hands are fundamentally the just like the 007, though the 031 trades the back-end lollipop hand for any white painted hand which has a slender arrow tip. To tell the truth, I prefer it along with the hand design overall. Another nicety is the chrome surround for your day/date window replica price panerai watches . Issue is normal Seiko fare plus this case, alternates between Spanish and English. I'd say my only complaint would be the lightly marked inner tension ring spacer - this guide it is not aligned - simply because it seems like it's hiding.Other details of note around the Seiko SKX031 would be the usage of a basic wave logo on its screw-down case back in comparison to the more established tsunami motif. This wave generally represented lighter, non-professional Seiko divers rolex replica . Moving on, I said the use of screw-down crown. It's large, bordered by large crown guards, featuring Seiko's typical flat top.An affordable DiverWhen I stumbled upon the Seiko SKX031, I chose I'd seek to track one down. A few things i quickly realized was replica omega, for just a watch generated for over Decade, it wasn't so simple. Watches were often modified, in bad condition, only in the Philippines, or wildly priced. Then, at some point, a longtime forum member for the Seiko Citizen Watch Forum was selling his well-worn version for the princely amount $50. Granted, it needed a different bezel insert, services plus a crystal. I found a Seiko OEM bezel insert for $10, a crystal for a similar and a service around $80. So, in the end, it turned out a $180 watch i always knew ended up being brought back to proper specs. Today, an excellent SKX031 typically costs anywhere from around $200-275 with examples falling below or above that dependent on luck plus the seller. You will discover a fast dialed version with Pepsi bezel (the SKX033) if you realise those colors tend to be more approachable.You can see that I paired the Seiko SKX031 using a nice 22mm NATO, but anything can do. They can fit well due to its familiar size and cozy case. Yes, it's odd to view a Seiko on the wrist with a crown at 3:00, yet it's an excellent looking and amazingly classy watch. Seiko replaced this watch with all the SNZFxx divers. They're thematically similar but sadly do not have the screw-down crown with their predecessors. Price-wise they're $200 replica watches, therefore the neo-vintage pieces are worthy of the search.For most people, I'm hoping this can be a start looking at a highly accessible and worthwhile watch. For individuals who already own the Seiko SKX031, the attributes are well understood. It is additionally nice to find out that you have a nice solution to the well-known SKX007 and in the same brand. Oh, so if you're concerned about 100 meters, consider how frequently you test that depth. cheap replica omega watches
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