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#TBT The Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial ChronographIf you were a somewhat faithful reader of #TBT here on Fratello Watches, then you certainly likely recall a number of the articles I've penned on Gallets pre-loaded with Excelsior Park movements. We've reviewed several Multichrons such as 12, the 12HR, as well as a beautiful Decimal and all were built with ultra-smooth "EP" movements. The things i believe I've explained before is Excelsior Park built replica watches, using their own movements and cases, for businesses including Gallet, Zenith and Gerard Perregaux, additionally they sold pieces branded with their own name. These truly "in-house" pieces don't appear to come up for sale typically, but they are attractive in her own way and often feature dials nearly just like those entirely on replica watches made under contract because of the firm. Today's watch differs from the others though - much different - because it contains significant attractive and rare dial styles I have come across. Let's take a look at the lovely Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph.To begin with, when it concerns the evening wear reference found within the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph. For years, watch companies for example Tudor, Lemania, Rolex, while others have employed the perception of encircling a white or silver dial which has a black ring. Precisely the same silver or white often cheap replica watches , yet not always, surrounds the black ring to your side of the dial. The black ring generally includes the hour indices plus the central lighter portion remains mostly bare. Still with me? What it really creates can be a truly contrasting look that reminds one of many traditional dark and (or black and white) tuxedo.Rolex Datejust Tuxedo Dial 116234 (photo courtesy of hqmilton.com)The only real current mixers springs to mind with this look are the Junghans Meister Driver series however, not previously, Rolex produced a Datejust 116234 from the mid to late 2000's basic a dial. While it isn't really amazingly rare, it is a kitschy piece from your otherwise staid brand name and it's developed somewhat of a following (hint: preferable to buy ahead of later).As you can see on the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph, a silvery grey was chosen as the offset to black and i believe it's stunning. Inside the core of the dial, the grey surface exhibits vertical brushing and is also only finished the legendary "Excelsior Park" script. This can be juxtaposed against their black ring as well as the grey sub registers that includes concentric ridges. Look closer and you will probably actually observe that the black ring features a very thin white line on its inside to assist create decisive separation involving the colors. The white matches the sub register numerals and also the hour font.And oh that font! The emblem employed some typical characteristics on their replica watches and also the "7" plus the "4" are standard Excelsior Park. As you can see the Gallet Decimal features numbers in the same style.Before purchasing the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph (Andreas of Local Time discovered it in a watch fair and sent me pictures prior to buying it), I really only had one question in regards to the watch and this was in connection with hands. I did many internet searching, and spoken with @watchfred, within a rushed period - the watch was on hold of course - to evaluate for other samples of this watch so i came upon very few. Some contained lume and some would not. After which, replica alpha omega watches some pieces using this type of dial were in a waterproof case (read: round pushers) plus some were house in the event with rectangular pushers. Adding to the complexness, I didnt have the watch at hand, therefore it was hard for me to tell in the event the numerals were lumed. When they have been, the watch can have required lumed hands. Ultimately, thankfully neither the dial nor hands contained lume. In connection with kind of hands , I found a similar version which in fact had purchased from Spain - and Fred felt hands were comparable to other 1940's EP's he'd seen - therefore i chose to pull the trigger. An excellent sign could be that the hand lengths match the dial well and every extends to a "track". The central hands were a mess color wise if the watch arrived, but our watchmaker Paul took a breather from collecting Hermes Birkin bags and brought rid of it to spec.As you can tell, the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph shows a stainless-steel case that's akin to the Gallet Multichron 12. Those signature triangular chamfers for the lugs undoubtedly are a real "tell" until this was created by EP. Size wise, the truth is the identical to your Gallet at 38mm across and nearly 44mm lug to lug. Oddly, though, the EP foregoes convention using its 21mm lugs whereas the Gallets stick to the a great deal more versatile 20mm.The Tuxedo piece also has drilled through lugholes, which perhaps items to it being from a younger era than a number of the Gallets I own from the 1950's.Because this is a water-resistant version, the truth back is of the screw down variety along with the pushers are round too.The Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph uses the EP Caliber 4, known as the EP4, and basically a two-register version of the eponymous EP40 that we've discussed in depth. Whether it's the EP4 or EP40, the movement is silky smooth and, yes, that central chrono hand just glides back to 12:00 when depressing the lower pusher. The one thing We've noticed with EP movements is that setting time feels very mechanical; fake hublot watch it's as though it's possible to glance at the gears turning when rotating the crown. It isn't really good or bad, but as running into problems with winding pinions and mainsprings on these movements, it leads me to keeping these pieces as infrequent wears.On the subject of wearing, the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph can be a stunner around the wrist. Yes, I own many vintage chronographs with varieties of dial colors, however, this piece is indeed different. As you can imagine, I'm glad Andreas considered me after he watched it.It's tough to place something with a watch like this since I've seen so few. I'd estimate that $3,000 and above would probably be a great place to begin. Keep in mind, with pieces this way, tread carefully if hands are missing or if perhaps the movement can be a basket case. As we discussed, I'm sadly no longer the daredevil I once was in terms of taking risks on mechanicals.With eye-catching pieces including the Excelsior Park Tuxedo Dial Chronograph so a great many others manufactured for other companies, EP was quite the watchmaking company. For collectors, they provide the rare possibility to obtain a watch that has been essentially all made under one roof - something people, rightly or wrongly, go nuts about in the present marketplace. cheap replica omega watches
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